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Stay Safe Project Success!

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Wave Of Change Art Installation

February has been a big month for Conquer Life CIC! Last week we launched our ‘wave of change’ art installation at The Strand Shopping Centre. Made by young people who have taken part in the Stay Safe workshops the artwork consists of a giant wave made up of self-portrait drawings, or drawings of people who they look up to. The wave is seen to be overcoming the negativity and adversity in the form of knife and gang crime.

The main focus of the installation, while discussing such serious and stereotypically negative topics, is more about highlighting the positive aspects. All of the children felt the need for change and wanted their community to embrace this positive movement. Through the Stay Safe project, we have been visiting primary schools across Liverpool and educating them on the 5 steps to stay safe.

Another part of the art installation was also showcased in Bootle Library, this accompanying display featured a series of pledges made by the young people who took part in the workshops. The pledges consisted of the steps they would take to keep themselves safe.

Our project and art installation has caught the attention of the media, we have been featured on BBC Breakfast, Liverpool Local TV, the Champion Newspaper, and The Guide. Due to the high level of interest from the media and the public, the dates of the installation have been extended and so it is available for people to see for even longer.

Check out our 'Wave of Change' art installation which was featured on Liverpool Local TV below!

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