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Spooky Week Crafts: Day 3 - Jack O' Lantern Jars!

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Hey guys, Lizzie here back for another Spooky Week Craft. We are having so much fun this week, making all these funky spooky crafts for the office. We hope you are all having fun making them with us.

Today we are going to be making awesome, spooky Jack O’ Lanterns, these things are just so cool and make great decorations for the home especially as centre pieces for your Halloween sweets table.

These are so easy to make and just look so cool, I made one for my bedroom and I have put some little fairy lights in mine and put it on my bedside table. I use it at night when I’m relaxing in my room with my music on, and it really gets me in the mood for Halloween. Hope you guys all love this little craft.

If you do make these guys please send pictures to our Instagram page @VibeBootle we would love to see all your amazing work!

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