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Lockdown Photography Competition!

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Hey guys, Lizzie here. Our doors may be closed but we have lots of online content coming your way! There’s going to be loads more crafts and activities for you guys to do during lockdown. As well as a brand-new Twitch Stream which we can not wait to get up and running. Are you ready?

But right now, we need your help! We are running a Photography competition throughout lockdown. The title of the competition is ‘What Does Bootle Mean to You?’.

So, when you’re on your walks to work or school or walking the dog, maybe even in the car going to the shops, we want you to take a few pictures for us (not whilst you’re driving of course).

We want to see what you think defines Bootle. It can be any picture, the canal, parks, schools, buildings, anything that you see as Bootle. We want the picture sent to our Instagram: @Vibebootle, accompanied by a short sentence to tell us what the picture is and why you’ve chosen it.

Every Week we will pick the best one to put on our page, and at the end of Lockdown whenever that may be, all our winning pictures will be added to collage made by me and posted on our page to show what Bootle means to all of us.

You don’t need to be a photographer I took the one you see below here. I chose to take a picture of our building. I chose this because Bootle means community to me, and I see our building as a way to strengthen our community and bring us closer together.

So now it’s your turn!

What Does Bootle Mean to You?

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