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Festival of Hope 2020

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Hey Guys, Lizzie here from Vibe. Welcome back to our blog, today I want to tell you about some amazing work our Climate Crew are doing.

Shout out to all our Climate Crew who come to us on a Monday, the group is all about doing things to help the environment. They are doing loads of cool things, such as making their own Eco Board game, and Litter Picking to make Art. They are all amazing and are continuing to do more Eco-Friendly things outside of the group too, which is amazing to see.

One incredible opportunity we have been given is the chance to work with The Atkinson Centre Southport and Lander Road Primary School to create a Sculpture for the Festival of Hope and Heritage 2020.

We have had help from an amazing artist called Lisa who has helped us create our sculpture. Our vision of hope is a hand holding a red balloon, this balloon will house faces of the children in Bootle. What makes this sculpture more amazing is that it’s made out of litter! Yes, you heard me, litter. With help from our Climate Crew we collected loads of litter and after washing it all we have been able to make an amazing sculpture whilst also reusing waste. All the litter was collected locally from our parks and streets in Bootle. We hoped that by doing this it would help us to clean up the local area whilst encouraging people to recycle their litter and help save our planet.

All our Climate Crew and the amazing students at Lander Road have worked really hard to get our sculpture looking amazing. Lisa has been so great, teaching us new techniques and skills to make our Sculpture look fantastic.

We would like to say a huge thank you to The Atkinson Southport for allowing us to be a part of their amazing Festival and also to all the staff and Students at Lander Road Primary School in Bootle for helping us by creating the balloon. But the biggest thank you goes to Lisa for helping us create our amazing sculpture and make our vision come to life in the most amazing way.

We are so excited to share our sculpture with you which will be on display at The Atkinson Southport from the 24th of October 2020!

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